Devlog, Hajimaru yo!

Let me get this straight from the beginning: rather than an actual development log or a engineering blog, this is more of a experiment for me to try and actually finish projects once for all.

I’m Yayu, a web developer who loves weeb stuff so most of the projects I’ll post about here will be most likely related to those topics.

The idea is to try and post every commit or commit batch, but I’m pretty sure it will be more like every time I remember to do so.

So yeah, this blog is basically a try to get myself motivated to go all the way while also sharing some fun and documenting my way through learning stuff.

Also, I’m by no means a writer nor perfect at English (it’s not my first language and I mostly learned through osmosis) so I’ll make mistakes and shitty posts so you guys are gonna have to deal with that and love them anyways 😀

That’s it, welcome!


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